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UPDATE UPDATE UUUUUPDDDAAAATE - Omnislash [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Bobby Lebendig

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UPDATE UPDATE UUUUUPDDDAAAATE [Jan. 10th, 2005|05:50 pm]
Bobby Lebendig
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[Current Music |Themdius---Life's Odyssey]

Hello friends and...well friends. I can't believe I haven't updated since November, that's like so last year girlfriend ACH! Well, since then I've gotten a large vocabulary in German and JUST today took my Chem midterm. I dominated, and left bodies and crying babies in my wake. Mmmmm, baaaabiesss. Well I think I'll start back as far as I can remember. Josh came home for Christmas vacation, and we hung out so much, drove around and broke people's ears in the back of his car from his SUBS. Yeeeeah, we went to just about every corner of Pennsylvania. Got our tattoos touched up, and chased rigs on i-99. His car's a fast mutha. OOOOOH, I almost forgot the best part. During the X-mas vacation, I actually hung out with Da Mike and Steve alot. So we're traveling somewhere w/ a girl whose name I will not mention, and Da Mike decides to play PIDIDDLE. This means that for every taillight or headlight that we see out on a car, an article of clothing must be taken off. So it's me in the rear passenger, steve in the rear driver-side, and the girl somewhere around there. I of course, on the one day a year that I decide not to wear underwear because mumsy didnt wash ANY of my Joe Boxer shorts, so I decided another few hours wouldn't hurt. This happens to be the night we play pididdle. Ugh, my clothes didn't last long, at all. Before I knew it, I was naked and poor steve sitting beside me was in the fetal position. Now Da Mike, who was driving, did not know that I really took all my clothes off, looks back and says "Holy JesusmotherofGod!!". The car, swerved. The girl was also quite unclothed, but in a much better situation than I. All in all we had fun, and in the end I got a kiss on the cheek(from the girl), I don't even know why, really. But we had a good time, and even Da Mike said I had a good naked body, "very healthy" even. Thanks Mikey......
Another adventure with Da Mike led to me showing my Jew-Nazi-ness and stabbing and punting x-max decorations. Oh boy, I dont think I should go into much detail in that. But granted Mike told me I was the funniest "mother fucker" he knew, and he knows alot of people. So through the course of weeks, I went to Hannah's b-day party, went to the Casino party, bringing Steve (winkwink) as my date, and hell, even got a few contact highs from my brother and his friends. Go Moleficus!!! Sooo, my chrismahannahkwanzika morning comes, and I open all the christmas presents wrapped in Hannakah paper. I get all bitchin stuff, then I open a big box where my brother took a picture of me with his new camera, and I honestly look like I had, well I was smiling, I'll say that. Oh, it was an X-box by the way. And Steve has let me borrow all his games and I'm in heaven. Guess what I named it? Jewriot. No really, I digitally named it. And of all these happy splendours, I FIX THE WORKOUT MACHINE! My entire upper body feels like it's been ran into a wall, several times. And to make things better, my dogs are humping, this makes me smile. I got it on camera, video-like. Well, if any of you guys read this ENTIRE thing, I thank you. Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, work/life/school/X-box has been very loving lately. Goodbye, lovely journal. :)


[User Picture]From: basic_reality
2005-01-10 03:32 pm (UTC)
Bobby Buddy! Naked eh? I bet you the girl (who's name you didn't tell but you're going to tell me personally some day) liked that ;) Hahha. That sounds like a killer break man and I'm happy that your brother came up and you got to hang with them. Older brothers kick ass. :)Well must be going, see you in school and online Bobby. :D

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