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READ MEEE!! [Aug. 26th, 2004|09:24 pm]
Bobby Lebendig
[Feelin... |tiredtired]
[Current Music |enya...whatever]

[ .001. ] first name: Bobby(Robert)
[ .002. ] middle name: Abraham(laugh it up)
[ .003. ] age: 16.5
[ .004. ] birthday: December, Friday 13, 1987
[ .005. ] height: 5'11"
[ .006. ] hair color: Brown
[ .007. ] eye color: Light Blue
[ .013. ] do you have braces: In all the right places
[ .014. ] is your hair long or short: Short, soon to be long.
[ .015. ] where were you born: Altoona
[ .016. ] current location: Altoona
[ .017. ] zodiac sign: Sagittarius
[ .018. ] how many languages do you know: English, German, Hebrew, Torah-ish, and some h-glyphics(very rusty)
[ .019. ] straight or curly hair: Straight.
[ .020. ] bad habits: Just nail biting.
[ .021. ] piercings you have: Two on left ear
[ .022. ] piercings you want: Tongue
[ .023. ] tattoos you have: On my wrist, from a fire when I was 3.
[ .024. ] tattoos you want: Barcode on my shoulder

. PETS .
[ .028. ] do you have any pets: 3 dogs, wouldn't trade them for the world, except charlie because she's...dull.
[ .033. ] current gpa: 180 some percent (extra credit, and it being the 3rd day of the year.
[ .034. ] favorite grade: 5th...
[ .035. ] least favorite qrade: 10th
[ .036. ] favorite teacher: Mr. Bilko....idiot.
[ .037. ] least favorite teacher: Def. big bird McKracken..effin quack...
[ .038. ] favorite subject: Phys. Ed.
[ .039. ] least favorite subject: English ... English English English.
[ .040. ] do/did you buy lunch or bring it: Bought.
[ .041. ] play any sports on the school's team: No
[ .042. ] do/did you do any extracurricular activities: Hit the Sophmores.
[ .043. ] are/was you popular: W/o braggin, yes.
[ .045. ] favorite memory: Watching Steve rip thaler's underwear off at Matt Kennedy's house...stupid jew.
[ .046. ] least favorite memory:...arguments between my parents.
[ .047. ] most humiliating moment: When I got droopied in 7th grade infront of the class, but I dont think it was as humiliating as it was...well nevermind.

[ .048. ] number: 11.
[ .050. ] shoes: New Balance.
[ .053. ] sport: Football
[ .054. ] vegetable: hmmm...Men
[ .055. ] fruit: Papayas
[ .056. ] movie: Lord of the Rings, and probably Monty Python and the Holy Grail
[ .061. ] gum: Can't say it enough, WINTERFRESH, I always got a pack on me.
[ .062. ] scent: Axe:Kila
[ .063. ] candy bar: Mmmmm...twix
[ .064. ] ice cream flavor: Vanilla.
[ .065. ] color: Blue
[ .066. ] season: Spring/Fall
[ .067. ] holiday: Christmahannukah.
[ .068. ] singer: Dont....really have one.
[ .069. ] group: I love all, but probably...mmm Goo Goo Dolls
[ .070. ] rapper: I'm white.
[ .071. ] type of music: Anything but Rap and Country.
[ .072. ] thing in your room: My blankey, had it since birth, and will go on my Honeymoon with me.
[ .073. ] place to be: Computer.
[ .074. ] radio station: 101.1
[ .075. ] tv channel: G4-TechTV or FX or History Channel or Discovery Channel...Just like Steve.
[ .078. ] store: EB and Aeropostale because it smells like sex.
[ .079. ] shoe brand: Etnies.
[ .080. ] fast food: Cheeseburger.
[ .081. ] restaurant: Jethros.
[ .082. ] shape: Hmmm...probably a trapezoid, it's the sexiest.
[ .083. ] time of day: 4:00 PM
[ .084. ] country: United States, of course.
[ .085. ] state: PA
[ .086. ] boys name: Lance
[ .087. ] girls name: Rose
[ .088. ] mall: Oooh...the choices...Logan Valley, bitches
[ .089. ] video game: Halo...Halo...Halo...and Perfect Dark.
[ .090. ] shampoo: Infusium
[ .091. ] board game: Tony Hawks' Underground.
[ .092. ] computer game: Not that I play it alot, but C&C Generals is about the best game I've ever seen, in the graphics category.
[.093. ] car: GMC
[ .094. ] music video: Orgy-Stitches
[ .095. ] swear word: Clusterfuck.
[ .097. ] month: June.
[ .098. ] cartoon character: The little dog, from 2 stupid dogs.
[ .099. ] scary movie: Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
[ .101. ] Possession: ...Blankey....blankey...ect.

[ .102. ] eminem: White.
[ .103. ] dog: Wigger
[ .104. ] hot: Not going there...
[ .105. ] britney spears: Fake
[ .106. ] nsync: Fake
[ .107. ]real world: Sitcom
[ .109. ] choice: Virginity
[. 101. ] fuck: Sexual
[ .111. ] bisexual: ...Julie McGregory...oh god..
[. 113. ] icp: Ugly, fat, pointless
[ .115. ] linkin park: Black Liquid
[ .116 .]in the box: Jack
[ .120. ] shark: Jaws
[ .121. ] lighthouse: Michigan
[ .122. ] bat: Steve's Hallway
[ .123. ] leather: Sexual
[ .124. ] whip: Sexual
[ .126. ] water: Sexu...I mean, Gatorade...
[ .127. ] volcano: Def. Masterbation, I wont lie.

[ .138. ] linkin park or limp bizkit: Linkin Park
[ .139. ] tool or lifehouse: Lifehouse
[ .140. ] selena or jennifer lopez: Selena?
[ .141. ] hot or cold: Cold
[ .142. ] winter or summer: Summer
[ .143. ] spring or fall: Bot
[ .144. ] shakira or britney: Both fake, spin the bottle.
[ .148. ] mtv or vh1: MTV
[ .149. ] buffy or angel: Buffy....mmmmm...
[ .150. ] dawson's creek or gilmore girls: Never saw either, I'd watch blurry porn.
[ .151. ] football or basketball: football, muscle rules.
[ .152. ] summer olympics or winter olympics: Summer.
[ .153. ] skiing or snowboarding: Snowboarding, duh.
[ .154. ] rollarblading or skateboarding: Skateboarding, again, duh.
[ .155. ] black or white: Like my coffee, dawgz.
[ .156. ] orange or red: Red.
[ .157. ] yellow or green: Green
[ .158. ] purple or pink: Pink
[ .159. ] slipknot or mudvayne: Both never got enough hugs as children.
[ .160. ] hot topic or pac sun: Mate them, such genius.
[ .161. ] inside or outside: Was gonna be perverted, but inside's always better.
[ .162. ] weed or alcohol: Heroin, right in the buttcheek.
[ .163. ] cell phone or pager: Cell phone
[ .164. ] pen or pencil: Pen
[ .165. ] powerpuff girls or charlie's angels: Powerpuff, Buttercup's a hottie who I'd let kick my ass anyday.
[ .166. ] scooby doo or din: Who the fuck's din? Scooby bitches.
[ .167. ] dragon ball z or pokemon: Wow... Pokemon
[ .168. ] star wars or star trek: Star Wars, I may still live with my mother, but I've got a life.
[ .169. ] tattoos or piercings: Get a tattoo of something being peirced.
[ .170. ] prep or punk: hmmmm...i go for the girls in the middle, so prenk.
[ .171. ] slut or whore: Whore.

[ .172. ] do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend: No...
[ .173. ] do you have a crush: Shhhh...
[ .174. ] do you love anyone right now: Tell her everyday. Well, probably not, I dont know?
[ .175. ] have you ever been in love: Oh, the tender feelings.
[ .176. ] how many people (peers) have you kissed: I have some experience.
[ .178. ] how many hearts have you broken: Two
[ .179. ] how many people broke your heart: One.
[ .180. ] best quote to sum up love: Cuddly
[ .181. ] so what is your bf/gf/crush like: Funny, always gets me out of a bad, mood, and def. has me in circles. Love it.
[ .186. ] do you go by looks or personality: Personality first, the hottest people are the biggest fucks.
[ .189. ] do you smoke: 2 packs a day, hell no.
[ .190. ] do you smoke weed: Oh lord, I'd be virgin compared to Jason Parsons.
[ .191. ] ever trip on acid: Only when working on cars.
[ .192. ] how about a little: a little what? dumb question.
[ .193. ] crack, heroin, anything else: Jesus, someone send this to Josh Mercer.
[ .194. ] beer good or beer bad: Only good when drunk, hahahahah...I giggled.
[ .195. ] are you the sissy who drinks wine coolers: Only when mumsy's nearby. Bust out the Bacardi, bitches.
[ .196. ] do you like smirnoff ice: talk about quenching.
[ .197. ] prefer beer or liquor: No idea, christ, I hope no-one thinks I'm some kind of alcoholic, fuckin questions.
[ .198. ] what kind of cigarettes do you smoke: The one's that dont exist.

[ .201. ] bungee jump: Please, I'd go w/o a parachute.
[ .202. ] sky dive: Good way to propose, yes.
[ .203. ] swim with dolphins: As long as I'm dating Aquaman.
[ .204. ] scuba dive: Already have, lifechanging...
[ .205. ] go rock climbing: Already have, fucking dumb.
[ .206. ] eat shit for $1,000,000: Hell, 50 would do it for me, well, probably nothing less than, 25, or..12, some lunch money perhaps. For a friend...free. Wow..I'm tired.
[ .207. ] turn your back on your friends: Their not my friends then. Never.
[ .208. ] steal a friend's boyfriend/girlfriend: Weak, never.
[ .209. ] cross-dress: Just once, sure.
[ .210. ] lie to the police: ITS DA POE-POE!
[ .211. ] run from the police: Every time
[ .212. ] lie to your parents: Just my mother.
[ .213. ] walk up to a stranger and kiss them: Well, never tried that before.
[ .214. ] be an exotic dancer: Who says I'm not?
[ .215. ] walk out of a restaurant without paying: Just gay, but I'll try anything once.
[ .216. ] streak: Lots'O'Fun

[ .217. ] best friends: STTTTEEEEVVVEEE, Jon, Brandon, Becka, Megan, Jill, BRIAN, oh christ, always have to do these when I'm half awake, Austin, you're cool too.
[ .218. ] known longest: Steven A. Merchiltz
[ .219. ] wish you talked to more: Everyone
[ .220. ] wish you saw more: brandon, miss ya bud.
[ .221. ] how many friends do you think you have: Alot. Quite tired now to count, love'em all though.
[ .222. ] who drives you insane after a while: Dan Childs, love the kid, but I can hardly make out what he's saying.
[ .223. ] who can you stay around forever and never get sick of: Steve, love ya bud.
[ .225. ] craziest: Brian Glunt and I, love that kid too.
[ .226. ] loudest: Brandon, "SHUT UP YOU LUNATIC!"
[ .227. ] shyest: Megan, PEP UP YOU IDIOT!
[ .229. ] can always make you laugh: All of them
[ .230. ] best eyes: Steve, I'm so gay.
[ .231. ] best body: If I say anyones name, there will be hurt.
[ .233. ] sex symbol: Tim Karl
[ .236. ] shortest: Casey Campbell
[ .237. ] tallest: Steve, or Feretta
[ .238. ] talented: Steve, he teaches everything tricks.
[ .239. ] best singer: Megan.

[ .244. ] flashed someone: My breasts, everyday.
[ .245. ] told the person you liked how you felt: Yes
[ .246. ] been to michigan: Actually yes, this summer, god I hate it, love altoona boys and girls.
[ .247. ] gotten really REALLY wasted: not telling
[ .248. ] gone to jail or juvi: I live in one.
[ .249. ] skateboarded: for 3 years.
[ .250. ] skinny dipped: HAAAAAA!!!...yes...
[ .251. ] stolen anything: Yes, embarrassed...
[ .256. ] gotten into a bar, under-aged: Yes.
[ .258. ] gone on a road trip: Yes
[ .259. ] gone on vacation without adult supervision: Maaaaybe.
[ .260. ] been to a concert: Yuuuup.
[ .261. ] been to another country: Love the Virgin Islands
[ .262. ] talked back to an adult: Everyday.
[ .263. ] got pulled over: Nope.
[ .264. ] got in a car drunk: I get out of bed drunk, it's called "LINDA"
[ .265. ] broken a law: Yes
[ .266. ] given money to a homeless person: Monopoly money, yes.
[ .267. ] tried to kill yourself: Little personal, but yes.
[ .268. ] cried to get out of trouble: Havent we all been 5 here before?
[ .271. ] dropped something on the floor that you were cooking and let someone eat it anyways?: I have 3 dogs, fucktard.

[ .272. ] what do you think...about pop music: Makes the world go round, personally dont like it much.
[ .273. ] about boy bands: Small penis's
[ .274. ] about flag burning: Fuck them.
[ .276. ] about suicide: hmmmm...
[ .277. ] about people who try to force their opinions on you: Better step back a bit.
[ .278. ] about abortion: Woman's choice, not much man can do.
[ .279. ] about rock/metal music: Ouch...
[ .280. ] where do you think you'll be in 10 years from now: Hopefully having a well-paying job, and living a live built around me and my family.

[ .282. ] last birthday: Strip club.
[ .283. ] yesterday: Wandered through madness.
[ .284. ] last night: Slept?
[ .285. ] christmas: Being jewish.
[ .286. ] thanksgiving: Being jewish
[ .287. ] new year's: ...not telling
[ .288. ] halloween: Being jewish
[ .289. ] easter: Being jewish
[ .290. ] valentine's day: mmmmmmmm....secret admirer...

. L A S T .
[ .291. ] thing you ate: 3 hot dogs, and 2 choc. chip cookies, god i love ballpark food.
[ .292. ] thing you drank: Sierra Mist
[ .293. ] thing you wore: Underwear
[ .295. ] thing you got pierced/tattooed: Left Cartilage
[ .297. ] person you kissed: Mom
[ .299. ] person you talked to: Brian
[ .300. ] song you heard: What is love, haddaway.

. N 0 W .
[ .301. ] what are you eating: My pride...
[ .302. ] what are you drinking: Water, 3 bottles
[ .303. ] what are you wearing: White shirt, shorts..that is..it...
[ .304. ] any shoes on: Bare feet, freshley washed.
[ .305. ] hair: Very clean, smells of love.
[ .306. ] listening to: Some sort of Enya song.

[ .309. ] are you a vegetarian: Hell no
[ .310. ] do you like cows: Yes, cute creatures
[ .311. ] are you a bitch: In bed.
[ .312. ] are you artistic: Yes
[ .313. ] do you write poetry: In my own privacy, yes.
[ .314. ] are you a fast runner: Speedy lil devil i can be.
[ .315. ] can you ski: done it before, can do it again
[ .320. ] would you eat mac & cheese with hot dogs in it: ...eeew but YEAH!
[ .321. ] disney creators + acid= "alice in wonderland" ?: Fuck alice, hate the book, hate the ideas, think whoever wrote it should be shot...bad experience with it, leave it at that.
[ .322. ] are you straight: When no-one's looking
[ .323. ] are you stupid: Only with women.
[ .325. ] are you talkative: You have no idea, I love to socialize
[ .326. ] are you short: Naaaaah
[ .327. ] are you tall: A bit, yes

Hope you all read that, COMMENT PLEASE, I WOULD LOVE IT!

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The Day invows. [Aug. 24th, 2004|06:58 pm]
Bobby Lebendig
[Feelin... |quixoticquixotic]
[Current Music |Enya, Adiemus]

Hello all, in 11 hours, exactly now, I'll be waking up to my Junior year of High School. What a summer, although they always do fly by, don't they? Lol, I had the worst cramp/charley horse happen to me this morning. I had already had one a few days ago, and my leg had an indefinite bulge on it, very tense. I woke up this morning at 5:30, wrenched in pain, and this damn thing would not shake off. I could say with honest face, it lasted for 3 whole minutes, and that's after I woke up, who knows how long it was going while I was asleep. But that eventually let off, and i dozed off around 6, to wake up at 11. Like anyone cares. So I go on my morning (afternoon) stroll, and come back to put some songs on my MDplayer. Fun, but time consuming. Well, Steve just arrived, time to run over stuff with the tractor, Ta-Ta all, and good luck tomorrow!!!

Bobby Lebendig
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SECOND WONDERFUL DAY IN A ROW!! [Aug. 22nd, 2004|11:36 pm]
Bobby Lebendig
[Feelin... |energeticenergetic]

OH jesus, what a night. What a freakin day actually. First i woke up, took a nice run. when i came back, i talked to steve, and he mentioned about coming up. So he came up, and we downloaded music and talked to alot of people. Then after a bit, Rani came up, actually driving, and we showed her my house, dogs, and sports car. Such fun. And so we're at the party, and Megan and I are chatting and such outside, and Eric keeps popping in and out of the house, Steve would just...Dominate him. God that was unbearably funny. And then Eric did something that no man should see...or do better yet. So we'll just leave that to those who know what happend...:P. The whole night was basically spent with me taking megan's bracelet, being laid on by Betsy, or me hitting Matt Kennedy in the nuts. Oh, so much laughing, and once again, Aaron made my sides and lungs hurt from laughing so damn hard. That and being laid on by some random person (girls AND guys). But the climax was at the end friends, after pitching apple cores at the neighbor's houses, Aaron's mom had come to get him and Devin. So they're backing out, and Steve jumps on the hood, no surprise there, and I quietly hop on the back, and to my surprise, she didnt notice me, and she just...CRUISED down the street at 50 miles an hour, with me holding on the back for dear life. I'm banging on the side of the van, and 4/5 down the hill!!!, it stops, i jump off and run into the darkness like a madman. OH lordy lordy lord, i probably should have died tonight. And GUESS WHAT! PARTY AT MEGAN'S TOMORROW! YIPEEEEEEE! Oh boy, i'm in a such a good mood right now, and best of all, steve and i devised a way to keep my annoying-ass dog, Charlie, out of the computer room, we put a wooden dog, in the entrance of the computer room/piano room, Charlie is petrified, and refuses to pass it. Good job steve, knew we could do it. Well, the only thing dampering my goooood day is the naggin female down the hall, that god has humored by calling my mother, and the fact that school is no exactly 2 days away. Hoooorah. So, i think i'll end it here, Thanks steve for having the party, and i'll get back to you on if i can have on tuesday or not. CHEERS

Bobby Lebendig
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Hoopty doo [Aug. 22nd, 2004|01:31 am]
Bobby Lebendig
[Feelin... |cheerfulcheerful]
[Current Music |Foo Fighters-Hero]

Well, i just got done doing the longest bit of online journal commenting i've done in awhile. about 117 some replies in steven's journal. Thanks again frodo, that picture is what lighted it all, i just brought the gas. I wish to congratulate steve, officially, of owning the name of this great feat. and i would like to tell all of you that i'm currently blue in the face from laughing, because aaron made the comment that mr. ergler would say to his kids in the beginning of the year "if you want to pass my tests, you will suck my testes, gang", oh christ dude, this is why we dont hang out that much, i'd have a heart attack at 16.... Well, i'm in just a great mood now, and i think i was invited to steve's house tomorrow for some hot tubbing, because steve never tells me to bring a suit when we DO plan on it. today i woke up, went for my run, and went over to AUNT MARY'S for a nice picnic, and had a football thrown at my nuts....thank you beck. But besides that, i've had an AWESOME, and for those who know...AWESOME day. Well, i dont hope to get a tenth of steve's comments, but then again, who would? he always said that no-one commented in his journal... Well, my work is done here, dont forget to IM me and see the icon that becka drew for me, it's ultra-cool

Bobby Lebendig
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What a day... [Aug. 20th, 2004|08:28 pm]
Bobby Lebendig
Well, woke up and went for a walk, on my second round back i saw a huge truck in my lower driveway. sooner to find out that it was the people there to take down my crooked pinetree. yes, that was pretty cool, and it almost hit my neighbor's house, oh that would have turned this day around before it even started. :) but after some time, i just popped online and talked to people. Megan and i got a divorce, and i delivered an ice pack to steven, who mortally wounded himself at band practice playing foo's ball. i'm feeling kinda down right now, just end it there.

Bobby Lebendig
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Fuck hippies :) [Aug. 17th, 2004|09:13 pm]
Bobby Lebendig
Corissa threatened my life, unless i updated this. So i wake up this morning, somewhat groggy, and i have no idea what i did last night. but i wake up, get on the computer to put some songs on my MDplayer, and mumsy walks out, and informs me that today we are going to be cutting down some trees!!
oh wait, i skipped a bunch of stuff that i did before that, uuuhm, i can't remember now. use your imaginations kids, it's healthy. anyways, i go out there, and it's big bob, with the handsaw, single handedly taking on those bastard trees. and of course my mom was fighting valiantly with her little garden sheers (if you've met my mom, you wouldn't be surprised) And so it was ungodly, amazingly tiring. every other limb my mom picked up, hit my in the Crotch-inal region, "accidently", although she find it insanely amusing to see me grovel in pain and despair. so, in the midst of cutting a limb, a foot thick, (not joking), it snaps down and hits me SQUARE on the head, and if i could possible give you words to explain it, it wouldn't be much, because i dont remember it. some sort of concussion insued, but hell, it happens to the best of us. i'd go into further detail about the whomp on my dome, but funnier matters come still. so we get done, get some wings, and when we get back, i decide to take the fat dog, named odie, for a run of sorts. we get up by brad feather's house, and odie just lays down, and...well just acts the way a dumbass dog should. so i pick the 40 pound beast, and CARRY it all the way back home. Odies fine, he'll grow back. so, i get back from lifeflighting the dog back home, and PILLARS of yellow smoke fill the vicinity of my house. Mom's being linda again. she set all those limbs, along with a year of dogshit, and grassclippings, ABLAZE. now, in modern terms, this cuncoction smelled like.....well it just didnt please my tastes of normality. i decide to go downstairs where the air doesnt smell like the bowels of a slaveship. playing some mortal kombat, i hear a HONK, look out the upstairs window, and wouldn't ya know it, there's a pretty red firetruck, and a fat man and his puney son staring at me. the man says " 'scuse me son, buh what da hell do ya think ya'll doin?" and i say doing my best to hide the fact that my mom's reinacting the hollicaust in the backyard "well, its a tuesday, and you're allowed to burn on tuesdays" so the man goes around and looks into the fire and tells us "we had someone call and say that they saw a body or sumtin thrown into this here fire". no comment on my thoughts at that time, they alienate me to this second. i guess my mother told him that there was nothing wrong being done or whatever, so the guy leaves, and so ends my story. hope you all enjoyed it, and dont forget to comment, b/c EVERYONE loves good comments.

Bobby Lebendig

Just killed a Skeeter with ma big ol toe, ah reckon.
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Yawn, and then ARG! [Aug. 16th, 2004|10:15 pm]
Bobby Lebendig
Woke up, had a big ol bowl 'o cocoa puffs, and picked up dog poop (yes, at 9 in the morning). that was pretty interesting. then, mumsy and i went to OLLI'S to pick up a picture from for a picture i did in high school, and upon picking up this 30 pound frame (no kidding) i close-lines a 6 year old girl in the neck. i did everything to keep myself from laughing, but the face she gave me was that of "SHOW MERCY BIG BOY IN THE GYM SHIRT!" (wearing my roosevelt Gym shirt at the time). and as if that wasnt funny enough, while grabbing a paint can for us to paint our hall, i dropped a 2 gallon on some old man's head who was in the aisle down from us. now, you talk about stooping low and walking fast. guaranteed there would have been a lawsuit, he must have been so confused. still makes me giggle a bit thinking about it. so then we come home, and i pop on the PS2 for an hour or so, playing mortal combat:deadly alliance. i get about 5 characters done in...well, i forget what it's called. Then i cut the grass, go out to eat, come back, and download seal-kiss from a rose. so here i am now, talking about how a girl can be so down-troddened by a 94% in gym, true, anything lower than an A is unheard of, but i give her loving words, and put-me-ups.

Bored as poop

Bobby Lebendig
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Ugh [Aug. 15th, 2004|07:39 pm]
Bobby Lebendig
You guys have no idea what kind of 8 days i've just gone through. i went from a quiet, two people-living-in-one-house thing to me, mother, tara, tom, brandon, and liam. now i know i got a alright-sized house, but that's just too damn many people. only privacy i really got was my showers, and even tara found the need to pound on the door for that. but after about three days, we migrated to michigan, and if the 8 hour trip didnt kill me, the trivaceous duo of brandon and liam's bickering, did. thank god sony made their mini-disk players REALLY loud. but i enjoyed myself, brandon and i got to ride bikes ALOT, and oh it was so ghetto there. constant flow of ghetto walking through the streets, like someone stuck oil. wish i took picures. but yes, lots of fun was to be had by all. after a few days there, we went to lake michigan, and i got GREAT digital shots of brandon and i (yes, i'm straight) and chicks and stuff. Best part, was leaving, cause my heart was pounding so fast!!!:

Alright, we decided to take the train home, ok? and we called the station to see what time the train would be in, and it said that the train would be a bit late at 9:15, now, remember that we are in Michigan, and this station is in Indiana, a completely other state. So, it comes to about 8:29, and my mom decides to call again, for no reason, and the train has caught speed, and will be arriving at 8:58. So look at it from this point, it's 8:29, and we need to drive to another state, and go downtown, to a train station....in 20 minutes. Can it be done? by the beard of christ, we found a way. Tara, brandon, mumsy, liam and i, pile up into that van, and tara's only words were "buckle up kids, we got a nice ride". anyone who says that a minivan can't go 90 on a dirt road is wrong. this van FLEW, and by fly, i mean ducks were zooming by the windows, and boeings were, well, you get the idea. by some miraculous strain of luck, we make it. yes, you can go between two states in 20 minutes and STILL catch a train, because the train had ended up losing speed and it was 30 minutes late anyway, so all the red-lights and cut-overs we did, were in vain. But it gave me a helluva good story to tell you guys. uuuuhm, so after we got to the bus station, we journeyed on our 13 hour some long train trip. we stopped in pittsburg, and josh stopped by before our train left, mumsy was happy. he's doing very good in his college and he eve arrived in his chef's jacket, what-a-guy. we then took the train to altoona, and i got to sit by a girl that looked like "jade" from the high school. i dont really know her, but she looked just like her, so there. we got home, i cried, and here i am now, waiting for brad feathers to pick me up and take me to some girl's b-day party, so they can play, or whatever.

Heart, stars and horseshoes, clovers and balloons, pots of gold and rainbows, and me red-balloons. oh shizzit, they say balloons twice dont they, those crazy irish leprechauns, think they're so smart, rhyming two words that are the same. OK, i'm done.

Bobby Lebendig
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Welcome Back Brandon [Aug. 6th, 2004|05:27 pm]
Bobby Lebendig
After a good night of sneaking around the neighborhood at 2 in the morning, it is now that day that the long-lost brandon gritton comes back to altoona! he should be here around 10, or 11ish. Sooo yeeeeah, sorry i couldn't come to your party megan, real sorry. there'll be others. Well, i gotta go for a walkie now. goodbye all.

Bobby Lebendig
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Farewell Agathe [Aug. 4th, 2004|12:02 am]
Bobby Lebendig
Well, before getting to the point, i woke up this morning with my mom, riding the tractor like an idiot, RIGHT OUTSIDE my window, at 10:00 in the damn morning. so i figured i'd finish both yards, and that's actually a pain in the ass, if you've ever seen the banks at my house. SOO, got that done, and then she decided to start cleaning out my brother's room, which took about 5 or six hours, AND I WAS POOPED, so decided to recline down in the gameroom, and played FFX until rebecca came over, and we just hang out. She tried to see certain pictures on my camera, so i had to hide it. MUAHAHAHA. THEN I WENT TO AGATHE'S going away party, and i got to go to Martin's with this girl, and we got a cake, we had a TON of fun, i'm sorry that i can't remember her name, i'm so tired. but we got the cake, and returned to Rani's, and partied like crazy. This included putting double sided tape to the toilet seat, and wrapping the toilet paper in tape as well. yes, aaron and i are true assholes, thank you steve for the diversion. Well, i got a ride home from Aaron's mom, and steve knocked a hamburger out of aaron's hands after, oooh, about 2 bites! ahhaahah, good times bud(s). I walked to McDonald's w/ my pants down, oooh yes.
Well, its getting kind of late, and i'm pretty out of it, so i'll make this one a bit early. Goodbye all. Oh, and by the way, agathe, if you ever get to reading this, or hearing about it, i'm glad i got to meet you, and i wish you luck in all you do, you crazy french girl ;).

Bobby Lebendig
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